A downloadable game for Windows

We are Team Cuberoid, a little crew who loves to make games.

We started our project just for fun, trying to make a little shooting game. Our goal was to create a game that isn't necessarily new, but refreshing and had a fluid gameplay.

Cuberoid is a little, fun and fast 2D shooter made using GameMaker: Studio Professional. It is still in beta and needs a lot of work before really being 'done'.

It is addicting and fun to play if you have some spare time.

If you have suggestions, ideas or bugfixes, please contact us! Ideas and donations are much appreciated!

If there is enough interest in our game, we'll start doing development livestreams and (probably) release the full game for free.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip (why does nobody understand this 0.o )


Cuberoid 0.19.0 FREE DEMO.zip 5 MB